This Psychoanalytic Program is endorsed by three of the largest psychoanalytic associations in the United States: the American Psychoanalytic Association, the American Society of Psychoanalytic Physicians, and the American Academy of Dynamic Psychiatry.

Frenkel and Company operates in the capacity of a managing general agent and has a separate division within our firm to service this program’s clients. Working seamlessly as both a broker and an advocate results in a favorable outcome for our clients—the broadest and most competitive insurance product within your industry group—at lower premium costs. For instance, the Frenkel & Company Psychoanalytic Program is the only program of its kind offering medical malpractice coverage to psychoanalytic professionals on an “occurrence form.”

Our professional staff is trained to understand the insurance needs of the psychoanalytic professional, from their business risk exposures to the resolution of insurance claims. In anticipation of a loss event or actual claim filing, it is possible to speak directly to a dedicated claims handling service managed by health care professionals and overseen by Frenkel & Company Psychoanalytic Program representatives.

Kenneth Hegel

Kenneth C. Hegel, Jr.
Executive Vice President / Unit Manager
Phone: 201-356-0057

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