Our engineering services cover the full spectrum of business models, including domestic, international, global and reverse-flow. Our clients range from multi-national Fortune 100 corporations to single-location commercial enterprises. All of them come to rely on our fully integrated value-added service provided at no additional cost.

Our engineers work seamlessly with the entire Frenkel & Company team to ensure that our clients are provided with both coordinated and comprehensive service. We help our clients to attractively position their companies within the insurance marketplace by educating their personnel in two ways: through creating awareness of commercial exposures that are industry specific risks and providing Frenkel generated analysis of the client’s particular risks that concurs with recommendations for better risk management techniques.

Utilizing their breadth of knowledge and decades of experience, Frenkel’s engineering staff breaks down these categories of specific services into three parts: assistance with the development of formal risk-management safety programs, the performance of on-site surveys with the intention of identifying and evaluating loss producing exposures, education of safety regulations, standards and code-compliance issues, the preparation of loss-trend analysis, and ergonomic assessments, and suggestions related to clients’ business continuity planning. Such guidance includes ways to help guard them against loss of profit and loss of market share due to planned or unplanned business-interrupting events.

Frank D'Ambrosio

Frank D’Ambrosio
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