Cosmetic Insurance Services (CIS) is the nation’s leading provider of insurance products to the cosmetic and personal care industry.  We are proud to maintain a client base of nearly 1,000 cosmetics and personal care companies includes cosmetic manufacturers, distributors, importers and wholesalers.  For more than 40 years, CIS has offered these clients exclusive access to insurance products and programs designed specifically for the beauty industry.

CIS operates in the capacity of a managing general agent.  We are a broker and advocate for our clients but work seamlessly with the insurance company to provide the broadest and most competitive product in the industry.  CIS’s market presence affords us leverage with the insurance companies; this leverage translates to better pricing, broader coverage terms and quicker response time than any other broker in the industry.  Because of our market presence, CIS has greater purchasing power.  With greater purchasing power, we are able to offer our clients a significant savings on premiums over other insurance brokers.

Through market research and our association with highly-respected industry-specific associations including ICMAD (Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers & Distributors Association), we keep abreast of trends impacting the cosmetic and personal care industry to help create a forward-thinking risk-management protocol.  Cosmetics and personal care is a highly-competitive, rapidly changing growth industry.  Frenkel & Company approaches each CIS client with an eye toward their significant growth potential.  We are prepared to examine the risks facing these creative, innovative companies through the growth process and to collaborate with them to meet their risk-management goals throughout.

From the start-up company to the most established names in the industry, Frenkel & Company’s CIS Insurance Program is committed to delivering cutting edge insurance products at cost effective price points to the cosmetics and personal care industry.

Kenneth Hegel

Kenneth C. Hegel, Jr.
Executive Vice President / Unit Manager
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