Frenkel & Company’s attorneys and other claim professionals combine their experiences to manage the day-to-day operations and resolution of a claim.  We offer a team that is well-versed in all sides of claim management, including the realm of administration and litigation on behalf of both clients and insurance companies. They offer claims services that include: providing coverage analysis and interpretation on complex claims issues, analyzing contractual obligations pertaining to defense and indemnification, providing staff counsel review of applicable law pertaining to complex claims, issuing position papers advocating coverage, and establishing proactive claims protocol on all complex claims.

Frenkel’s in-house management of these services sets us apart from competitive brokers in several ways: the production of current reserve analysis, quality assurance reviews, and claim audits intended to target assess loss trends or claims development on demand.

Michael DeLorenzo - Insurance Claims Division - NYC

Michael DeLorenzo
Senior Vice President
Phone: 212-488-1823

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