In modern times, insurance is and has proven to be a pivotal and an imperative part of many companies’ business plans as well as to individuals aiming to protect their valued interests. While commonly known for providing relief from different financial stresses or ensuring peace of mind, insurance also creates new opportunities for future growth. We at Frenkel & Company – an EPIC Company understand our clients’ needs and provide them with the appropriate products and services. The Company has prided itself in providing exceptional and outstanding service to both its clients and the insurance industry. Our continued growth, profitability and above all, integrity, are a credit to our firm and its personnel.

Frenkel & Company has been consistently ranked within the top fifty insurance brokerages in the United States. Today, Frenkel & Company embraces its proud history.  With various locations throughout United States and as a partner in the Assurex Network, Frenkel & Company provides both individual and commercial clients with access to insurance services in over one hundred countries worldwide. Additionally, Frenkel maintains key business affiliations with other leading companies in the financial and banking industries.

At Frenkel, we truly believe that our continuous success over the past 130+ years comes from our most important and valued assets at Frenkel – the employees. Part of the Company’s distinguishing culture is that we recognize and understand the significance of caring and providing for the people of our firm. Employment at Frenkel means striving to continue the tradition of success and joining a team of talented professionals who share the same dedication, values, and passion for excellence – all while working in a professional, dynamic, and rewarding office environment.


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Adam Glick
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