Frenkel & Company’s Surety Division has appointed power of attorney with the top 25 US surety markets and is licensed to issue surety bonds worldwide. We work seamlessly with the insurance companies to provide ready access to Frenkel & Company issued bonds within 24 – 48 hours. We are an approved surety agent with the Small Business Administration. Frenkel & Company’s extensive industry resources, relationships and market presence affords us leverage with the insurance companies; with this leverage, we are able to negotiate better pricing and broader coverage terms for our surety clients.

Throughout its history, suretyship has been rooted in duty, not in compensation. The Surety Division at Frenkel & Company maintains that sense of duty to our clients. Our Surety Division does not engage in the traditional, short-lived, bond/agent relationship. Our sense of duty compels us to work as a trusted business advisor and develop a customized business partnership with our clients. Our surety clients value this high level of consultation to ensure that their risk management plans are appropriately structured. To meet those expectations, we work with clients on financial analysis, market selections, rate structures, capacity considerations, indemnity issues, joint venture arrangements, contract reviews, funds control, and collateral options.

As a Frenkel & Company surety client, you will receive personalized attention from a designated account manager with knowledge and expertise of the surety market. We are advocates for our clients, approaching every relationship with expertise, discretion, and a focus on exceptional service.


Anthony Spina AFSB, CRIS
Vice President
Phone: 201-356-0081

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